for humans.

HiPack is a human-friendly serialization format. Unlike MessagePack, it is not binary, but text-based. Like JSON, it can be understood by machines and humans — with emphasis on the later.

Comparison of HiPack, JSON, and MessagePack

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Use the left box to input text in JSON, and check how it would look converted into HiPack, optionally in “compact” form.



HiPack specification:

Enhancement proposals in consideration for the next version of the specification:


HiPack can be used with the following programming languages:

C v1 hep-1
hipack-c Reference implementation.
JavaScript v1 hep-1
hipack-js Works in NodeJS, IoJS, and in the browser. Installable using NPM, and Bower using the hipack-js module name. Maintained by the HiPack team.
Python v1 hep-1
hipack-python Maintained by the HiPack team, too.
hipack-rs Minimal dependencies, uses only the Rust standard library.
wheel Implementation included in libwheel.


Vim v1 hep-1
hipack-vim Syntax highlighting and auto-indentation support for Vim. Works in NeoVim, too.